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Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) is an application-level, secure and persisted publish/subscribe system that has gained popularity in the decentralized Web movement. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers, software builders and members of the SSB community to study the properties and potential of Secure Scuttlebutt. The workshop is open to other decentralized approaches and networking technologies e.g. DAT, Holochain, IPFS or SOLID, as problems and technologies often have considerable similarities. Also, a SSB tutorial precedes the workshop, helping people to get familiar with the Secure Scuttlebutt technology and value system in short time. Limited travel and accommodation grants are available to help facilitate attendance from people without institutional funding We’ve received several applications, this grant opportunity is now closed. A huge thank you to SSBC and Planetary for providing financial support 💗

Schedule Overview

  Fri. Jan. 27 Sat. Jan. 28 Sun. Jan. 29 Mon. Jan. 30
9h-12h Newcomers Intro Official Welcome / Invited Talks Invited Talks TBD
13h-17h Kuukkeli Remote / TBD NGI/NLnet Experience / TBD Paper Museum (optional) TBD
17h-… TBD Basel Tour (optional) / TBD TBD TBD

*TBD: To Be Decided by participants (unconference style)

-> Newcomers Intro to Secure-Scuttlebutt (Friday January 27th Morning)

You do not need to be familiar with Secure-Scuttlebutt to join! An introduction session will be hosted for newcomers to learn about the fundamentals, prior to the rest of the event. You can already get acquainted with related material.

-> Kuukkeli Hacklab Remote Presentation (Friday January 27th Afternoon)

Starting at 13h CET, Sami will remotely present Atacama: retrocomputing-proof distributed twitter-like from a hacker space/lounge in Finland. The featured presentation will last 20 min. + 10 min. for questions. Notwithstanding technical or logistical issues, we will try keeping the connection open afterwards for remote interaction.

The rest of the afternoon is open to participant-driven sessions.

-> Official Welcome (Saturday January 28th 9h-9h15)

Almost all registered participants will be there on Saturday morning, so we will make the official welcome presentation at that time.

-> Invited Talks (Saturday January 28th [Recordings 1] and Sunday January 29th Mornings [Recordings 2])

Talks now online at (click links in the title)

Saturday and Sunday mornings will have 20-minutes talks, each followed by a question period of 10 minutes. There are 5 slots reserved on each day. These slots are intended for more structured presentations prepared in advance of the event. This is especially relevant if you want to present prior published academic work, progress reports on ongoing projects, or any other topic you have spent significant time reflecting upon. Please contact Erick Lavoie to discuss your talk proposal.

Current invited talks:

  1. Members of the Computer Networks Group [GitHub] (3 slots)
  2. Martijn De Vos, “TrustChain: A Lightweight, Distributed Ledger for Universal Work Accounting” [repo] [paper] [follow-up paper] (Jan. 28th)
  3. Alexander Cobleigh, “Cabling Cabal: A binary, pull-based protocol to ditch the log, enable deletes and who knows what else”, [repo]
  4. Andre Staltz, “Near future in SSB JS and Manyverse” (Jan. 28th) [repo]
  5. Aljoscha Meyer, “Authenticated Prefix Relations”
  6. Sam Gwilym, “Implementing Set Reconciliation in Earthstar” [repo]
  7. Filip Borkiewicz, “Scuttlego” (Jan. 29th) [repo]
  8. Andreas Dzialocha and Sam Andreae, “P2Panda”, [website] [repo] (Jan. 28th)
  9. Erick Lavoie, “Fork replication and detection with Git”, [repo]

-> NGI/NLnet Experience Reports (Saturday January 28th pm)

Developers funded through the Next Generation Internet (NGI) / NL net will present their latest results and share lessons learned from their participation in the programs. This is an opportunity to get first-hand support in implementing the standards they have developed, learn how to craft successful proposals to join the programs, and apply some of the results in your own projects.

Come to meet:

  1. Andre Staltz and Jacob Karlsson for Manyverse
  2. Alexander Cobleigh for Cabal
  3. Sam Gwilym for Earthstar
  4. Anders Rune Jensen for ssb-browser and ssb-db2
  5. Andreas Dzialocha for P2Panda

This session may run concurrently with other participant-organized sessions.

-> Basel Tour (Saturday January 28th evening)

Luc Heitz, one of the participants and student at University of Basel, kindly offered to guide a tour of Basel around the Department and present some historical landmarks and facts.

Attendance is optional and the session may run concurrently with other participant-organized sessions.

-> Paper Museum (Sunday January 29th 13h)

We have reserved a 2h guided tour of the Paper Museum, which also includes hands-on papermaking and printing. Let us know if you are interested, the number of spots is limited!

For participants of the paper museum tour, lunch will happen from 11h30-12h30 so that we will arrive on time for the activity at 13h.

Travel and Accommodations

You will have to organize travel and accommodations yourself. Basel is easily accessible by train and by plane. To share accommodation costs, you can synchronize with other participants.

Volunteering and Self-Organization

Most of the program will be done in a participant-driven unconference style. You can already think about sessions you’d like to host, discussions you’d like to initiate, etc. And if you feel like it, why not prepare a lightning talk?

Also, we’d love to see people take responsibility for some part of the event: perhaps you’d like to coordinate the preparation of a meal, host the lightning talks, know a way of gently raising people’s energy on Monday morning, or see another opportunity that is currently missing in the schedule? Then please reach out to us and we’ll make sure you can have your fun =). Any suggestions for vegan recipes are greatly appreciated.

You can also already discuss with other participants via:

Attendance Fees and Registration


We ask for 20 CHF/day (20 EUR/day) for attendance, to help cover meal costs (at least breakfast and lunch, hopefully dinner as well). You can pay on site on the day of the event. To register, please send an email to Erick Lavoie as soon as possible with answers to the following questions:

  1. Which day(s) do you plan to attend?
  2. Do you plan to give a talk? Which topic?
  3. Will you attend the Paper Museum activity?
  4. Any initiative in helping run the event you would like to share?


We have some limited funding opportunities from SSBC and Planetary to help cover travel and accommodation, these will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Contact @decentral1se We’ve received several applications, this grant opportunity is now closed. A huge thank you to SSBC and Planetary for providing financial support 💗

Additionally, if you have an academic affiliation and can give an invited talk on some SSB-related topic, the Computer Networks Group can access university funds to help cover travel and accommodation. Contact Christian Tschudin.



You might like to get acquainted with related material produced by SSB community members. These are listed from most accessible to more advanced: